How do I connect between demand and supply?


The platform introduces two ways of connecting demand to the supply, the Automatic and the Waterfall configuration.

Deciding which way to work should be done on the “Traffic Channel” entity.

Automatic (All ad sources) 

Setting “Automatic” will have all ad sources that are loaded into the system and “active” take part in the ad fetching flow, as long as both of the following take place:

  1. The ad source's targeting conditions match the traffic environment (e.g an ad source targeted to the US will not be called if the traffic is coming from DE)
  2. The ad source's rate is at least as high as the traffic channel’s price floor.

The Automatic (All ad sources) option is useful when there's no need to take strategic decisions such as always calling ad source A on tier 1 etc’.

It takes less resources to manage the activity due to the automation process and the results are extremely good due to the decisions that the system takes.


Working with a waterfall entity gives our partners a fully controllable platform to be able to manually take decisions which can sometimes be strategic or revenue oriented according to the knowledge of the platform user.

When setting-up the waterfall, there’s an option to choose “Optimize for” which is set on “Rate” as default. The “Rate” setting means that our algorithm will not take part in this waterfall and it is 100% manual, meaning that when we get back multiple bids, the system will give the “win” to the ad-source with the highest rate (even if it has a fill rate of 0%).

The additional KPIs’ such as; eCPM, CTR, Completion rate and Fill Rate will let our algorithm decide which ad-source is more likely to get you to the target you chose, and only the ad-sources that you will connect to the waterfall will be affected by our algorithm.

Setting “Waterfall” on the traffic channel entity will have the traffic flowing in through this traffic channel go through the Waterfalls entity. The system will fetch all waterfalls that match the traffic environment and will execute the calls to the ad sources of the waterfall by their tiers (You will be setting the tiers). You can create a waterfall for each of your traffic channels or create a waterfall for a user segmentation (e.g water fall for all Desktop, Small Player, US traffic).

The following notes are relevant for both options:

  1. They are flowing in through either the VPAID or the player (which loads the VPAID as well). 
  2. Setting is being made on the Traffic Channel level
  3. You can choose which KPI you would like to have the system optimize for: Fill Rate, eCPM (revenue), CTR or Completion Rate.